Improve your internal conditions for learning through deliberate practice.

The exercises are based on scientific research and practical experience in helping people learn. They will help you strengthen skills that support your learning - like curiosity and attention. Just like in physical training, even though occasional breakthroughs are possible, it usually takes long term repetition for tangible results.

Depending on your situation, the biggest benefit from this course may be finding a moment of quiet reflection, a life changing insight or pulling yourself to the next level of learning. Possible side effects include (but are not limited to) reduced stress, moments of happiness and increased lifespan.

Hi, I’m Jussi

My background is in agile software development, consulting and organizational coaching, so continuous improvement and learning have always been a part of my work. In addition to coaching, my strengths lie in facilitation, being present, thriving in change and understanding both social and technical systems. My current sidequest is learning Everything.

In addition to web courses I do consulting and coaching for a future worth building. Read more here.

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