Welcome to the Create Space for Learning -minicourse. I'm your host, Jussi Hölttä.

We humans do not need to be taught how to learn. Curiosity and the ability to learn are built in biological features.

As we grow older, we sometimes forget how important learning has been for us. Business as usual keeps us just busy enough to make us feel like we are getting somewhere. And often we are.

But think of the potential of creating space for learning, and even improving learning itself?

If you feel like you're too busy to create space for learning, it's especially important you do so.

In addition to creating space, this course aims to help you improve the basic metaskills of learning that are often neglected even though the science is clear: we can practice pretty much anything and get better at it.

There are of course some physical limitations such as gravity vs. flying, but the things we actively do up here *taps head* are all trainable.

The main themes for this course are:

1. Creating space

2. Improving learning itself

3. Reflection

Welcome aboard!

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