What happens when an engineer studying psychology gets curious about metaphors? Well, in addition to the usual few parts left over and loose screws, a new way of looking at this fascinating mechanism in language.

If you're looking for a course on becoming the next Shakespeare, look somewhere else. This course focuses more on understanding yourself and communicating with other people.

This course features 3 exercises for creating scaffolding for, breaking down and applying metaphors. All backed with practical experience and deep understanding of the psychological mechanisms behind them.

Man behind a plant

Hi, I’m Jussi

My background is in agile software development, consulting and organizational coaching, so continuous improvement and learning have always been a part of my work. In addition to coaching, my strengths lie in facilitation, being present, thriving in change and understanding both social and technical systems. My current sidequest is learning Everything.

In addition to web courses I do consulting and coaching for a future worth building. Read more here.

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